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Only happy things between those buns.
Only happy things between those buns.

Following my Father’s Office experience, I set out for one of LA’s newest burger hotspots, Umami Burger.

I was a late addition to my group of friends, and the wait staff was extremely accommodating in letting me pull up an extra chair in such a small restaurant and order last. I took a quick gander at the menu and saw that all the burgers involved some sort of vegetative substance. I asked the waiter if I could just get a burger with American Cheese and their “spread” and she told me it was no problem (Basically the SoCal Burger without veggies). I was amazed, after having my no-substitutions experience at Father’s Office. Now, before you judge me for getting American Cheese, I have to tell you that Umami Burger makes their own American Cheese and it’s not supposed to be anything like the Kraft kind you get at the local Ralph’s. (read about it here)

Unbeknownst to me, the place was BYOB, but luckily a friend of mine had brought some Miller Lites and I was able to partake in the drinking. While we waited, we had the french fries, sweet potato chips and onion rings as an appetizer. I avoided the rings, but found the potato-based foods to be great. The servings were on the smaller side, but they also weren’t terribly expensive. Also, Umami apparently makes the ketchup that goes with the fries and rings.

My burger finally came, and it was just as I ordered. In-between the buns were a wonderful display of meat, cheese and spread. I honestly couldn’t say what the spread is composed of, but it really went great with the burger. The buns, being light and buttery, made great bookends to a great burger.

My only complaint was that it was over too soon. For a $9 burger, I should have left the place without any desire for another bite to eat.