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Popping in Some Melt It!

Because, you know, bacon.

Melt It! in Pasadena refers to itself as “A Grilled Cheese Co.” I’m not sure what else would have been expected from a place called Melt It! (except maybe like fondue or a ton of patty melt options, which are basically just grilled cheeses with burgers in them anyway), but I was eager to see what kind of twists this place would make on the old standby.

There were plenty of options, including specials and some non-grilled cheese options, but I went with something called The Lar. The Lar is what happens when you try to turn jalapeno poppers into a grilled cheese and throw bacon in for good measure. Seriously, it’s cheddar, cream cheese, jalapenos and bacon on white bread.

You really can’t screw a sandwich like this up, and Melt It! did not. However, it was surprisingly light on the cream cheese. I know I’m used to bagels loaded up on the stuff with no other toppings, but this went beyond that. Fortunately there was cheddar for backup.

A little bit more shmear would have gone a long way, but it was the slightest complaint. Melt It! did a solid job of changing up grilled cheese and one of my favorite appetizers so I left a happy unvegan.