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Brisket time!
Brisket time!

There are few better things to have nearby than a solid BBQ place. Not too far from my place in Pasadena are two contenders that seem like they can fulfill my hopes, so I set out to try out the first one recently. It’s called Bonnie B’s Smokin’ and is hidden away in a little strip of shops and a payroll loan place. I would call it a hole in the wall if it weren’t for the fact that the interior features a decent set up of tables and is immaculately clean.

I ordered a brisket sandwich to go and brought it home to eat. The contents were neatly packaged in a box, with the brisket separated from the bun so as not to get it too soggy (seriously, details like that are amazing). The bun, by the way, was the same generic burger bun you could get at your local grocery store, but the brisket was not at all generic. It was so incredibly tender and juicy that it melted like butter in my mouth. It had a great burst of smokey and BBQ-ey flavor, plus the little bit of extra BBQ sauce I threw on didn’t distract. It made quick work of soggying up the bun, but it was worth getting my hands dirty. It is BBQ, after all.

The baked beans were not up to the level of delicious that the brisket had hit. The first few bites were good, but after that they were simply too sweet, even for dessert.

Bonnie B’s is unquestionably a solid BBQ spot and I can’t wait to make myself a regular. In fact, I’m having a hard time writing this without stopping just to stare at that amazing brisket.