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So typically Euro.
So typically Euro.

While Pasadena might be full of restaurants that found success elsewhere and decided to open up a Pasadena outpost, there are definitely some unique standouts that seem to have sprouted some following. One of these is Euro Pane, which now has two locations, with one being right by my office. It’s pretty much a sandwich shop and bakery and I tried to find myself the meatiest bite possible.

This turned out to be difficult, as nearly every sandwich was stuffed with a fair amount of veggies. All except one, in fact, which went by the name “Euro Pane Beef Dip.” This was Euro Pane’s twist on the French dip and was made with slow-cooked beef, provolone and some of its own juices for dipping. Plus, it came with a choice of breads and I picked Rosemary Currant because it seemed like it would make for the perfect sweet and salty combination.

Turned out it did make for a damn good combination. The meat was deliciously tender and the bread gave the sandwich just the right amount of sweet and tart, plus a heavy dose of rosemary. The sandwich would have held up well on its own, but I also happened to have some horseradish sauce on hand that kicked it up to an amazing notch. So, like, note that it never hurts to have some horseradish sauce around.

The beef dip was a solid foray into the sandwich world of Euro Pane, but sadly the foray won’t go much further unless they add some more food worthy of an unvegan. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be so bad to eat this one every time, with or without horseradish sauce.