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How nachos would look if they were from Mexico.

Before basketball on Tuesdays I usually need to grab a bite to eat. For some people, this is a cramp-inducing process. I, on the other hand, cramp up while playing if I don’t eat enough. With that in mind, I went to Taqueria Juanito’s No. 1 in Balboa Park with my fellow baller and rather than order a couple little tacos, I got pretty much the biggest thing on the menu. It was their nachos, and came loaded with cheese, refried beans, a couple of salsas, cilantro and a meat of my choosing. I chose carne asada and pretty soon went to town on those nachos.

There was one issue, however, that I had to take on first. Radishes. That’s right, those beastly roots adorned a corner of my nachos and I had to swipe them away. After this was accomplished, I was free to eat and the eating was good. There was more than enough topping to spread around the nachos, so I didn’t have to fear for naked nacho chips. The chips themselves could have been a bit thicker to withstand the onslaught of beans that rendered them droopy, but overall I was happy with the composition of the nachos. As nachos at little Mexican places go, those from Taqueria Juanito’s No. 1 don’t compare to Cinco de Mayo in Culver City, but they are certainly nothing to complain about.