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Mmm breakfast nachos.
Mmm breakfast nachos.

Sometimes you go to a Mexican seafood spot to get seafood. And sometimes, despite it being the middle of the afternoon, you go for breakfast. It wasn’t exactly the plan, but when I entered Baja Mar in Monrovia, I just couldn’t get my eyes off of the chilaquiles. Thus, I forewent shrimp and fish tacos for those delicious breakfast nachos.

Now, I’m not sure if chilaquiles are generally considered a breakfast food, but in America, when you throw an egg on something it almost automatically becomes breakfast. Egg on a pizza? Breakfast pizza. Egg on a burger? Breakfast burger. Eggs on nachos? Chilaquiles.

Extreme chilaquiles close-ups.
Extreme chilaquiles close-ups.

This variety came with sides of cheesey refried beans and rice that were just big as the main course. The chilaquiles were doused in an enchilada-esque sauce, cheese, scrambled eggs and…well shit…onions. I hadn’t been expecting these, but did my best to avoid them. It was a valiant effort, but a lot of work for mid-afternoon breakfast. The chips were of the variety you normally get at such corner Mexican spots and I did appreciate the salsa bar. It almost made up for the onions.

I wouldn’t necessarily turn Baja Mar into my regular Mexican haunt, but if I lived in the neighborhood I’d be pretty happy with the results.