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All charred up.

At 8 miles around, Mackinac Island is known for a few things. A beautiful hotel, horses, bikes and even some food. That food is fudge, so I’ll not bother with writing about how Murray’s Fudge is the best, but the island is not without other restaurants catering to the throngs of tourists that make their way and need something to eat. On this visit, we left the main drag and found Ice House BBQ.

You crunchy devils.

We started things off with an order of their Crunchy Deviled Eggs because apparently deviled eggs are what my wife craves when she is pregnant. Unlike normal deviled eggs, these are coated in panko crumbs and fried before getting the yolky mixture back in the whites. They were certainly tasty and nice twist on the usual deviled eggs, with the crunch of the crumbs almost making up for the lack of crunchy bacon.

Split ribs.

For my main course, I ordered the Baby Back Ribs. They were said to be dry rubbed and slow smoked, and came with two sides and corn bread. I picked mac and cheese for my side and got potato salad so my wife could enjoy it. The ribs came out pre-sliced, which was certainly surprising. But this didn’t stop me from digging in. These wings weren’t fall off the bone, but instead seemed to adhere to the bite mark method of smoking. The flavor was pretty decent, but not exactly something special. On the other hand, I could really appreciate the char on the outside of the ribs and the flavor it brought. The mac and cheese was pretty solid, and made for a nice accompaniment.

Ice House didn’t exactly serve up the finest BBQ in the world, but it was unquestionably a solid choice for a meal on an island made for tourists.