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Island wings.
Island wings.

On the Island of Mackinac in Lake Huron, it’s a bit hard to get over the smell of horse poop and concentrate on the need for food. But, an 8-mile bike ride around the entire island is enough to allow hunger overwhelm that smell of life before the automobile. The restaurants of Mackinac Island pretty much have a captive audience. Sure, they compete with each other, but once you’re on the island you’re pretty much stuck eating at one. Without knowledge of the food we consulted our bike rental guy who not only pointed us towards Goodfellows, but gave us a 10% off coupon as well. Kickbacks be damned, we were happy for the discount.

Goodfellows is a classic sports bar with a number of beers on tap, burgers, sandwiches, wings and TVs. The wings seemed to be right up my alley, so I ordered ten of them hot, with fries and blue cheese. They came out pretty fast and were unfortunately coupled with celery. Gets me every time. Yet, celery is certainly not the worst of veggies, and left no residual veggie flavor upon my wings. They turned out to have a pretty good kick and were somewhat better than I had been expecting on tourist-centric Mackinac Island. Nothing too crazy, but certainly a worthy meal after a hardy bike ride.