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A Time for Heroes

Somewhere in there is chicken.
Somewhere in there is chicken.

I don’t exactly come from a family that is into fancy food. This may be apparent in my reviews, but if not it should be apparent in the fact that for my mom’s 60th birthday all she wanted to do was eat at Heroes in Waterford, Michigan. You see, Heroes isn’t in any way a bad place, but it is at its basest level a bar and grill. A bar and grill, however, with whitefish¬†that is too good for its own good.

The whitefish is what keeps my parents going back for more, but I’m not exactly a whitefish guy and made my way to the rest of the more bar food-like menu. Still weirdly full from lunch, I decided to go on the lighter side and ordered the Chipotle BBQ Chicken sandwich, with fries.

The sandwich came with the chipotle BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and onion strings, plus was served on an onion roll. I made sure that there weren’t any hidden tomatoes or anything like that, but failed to ask about side pickles and was sorely disappointed when I found them upon my dinner plate. Fortunately, they had not infiltrated the sandwich in any way. The sandwich itself was pretty good, but truthfully nothing more than well-executed standard bar fare.

Nonetheless, well-executed standard bar fare can be difficult to find. And with an extensive menu like Heroes, I have no doubt that with a few more visits in hand I would find myself a dish like the whitefish that keeps me coming back for more.