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Down in Indy Town.

Why would anyone go to Indianapolis? Well, outside of sports, I never saw any reason to until last weekend when I went for sports of the Michigan variety. But before said sporting could occur, I needed some food and headed to O’Reilly’s downtown, which was playing host to all of my fellow Wolverines. O’Reilly’s is pretty much an Irish Pub, but of reasonable size and we managed to find some comfy couch seats to get our eating going.

After downing a Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale from the great state of Michigan and in honor of my basketballers, I had myself a little something called the Pulled Apple Butter BBQ Pork. The name was a mouthful, as was the sandwich, which came topped with fried onion straws on a Hawaiian bun with fries on the side (or any other side, but fries seemed like a good idea).

Now if you’ll take a look at the picture (I’ll wait), you might notice a lack of meat. Yeah, the meat was there, and the angle of the picture could have been better, but truthfully the fried onions dominated this sandwich. That’s not to say the onion rings were bad. In fact, they were mostly good aside from a couple that were too…well…oniony. And it’s not to say there wasn’t enough pulled pork. There was a fair amount, but just way too high of a ration of onions. But the pulled pork was at least pretty good. The apple butter was an interesting and sweet touch, but may have gotten in the way of how juicy the pork could have been.

And alas, the fries were some good, crispy fellers.

O’Reilly’s wasn’t anything special if I can judge by my sandwich. It got the job done of filling me up, but it’s no place I’d rush back to. Unless, of course, the Wolverines took me back.