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Waking up with Taco Bell


The moment I heard Taco Bell was testing markets for breakfast, I began counting down the days until I could have some for myself. Of course, at the time, there was no date to count down to because of the whole test market thing. Nonetheless, a date came: March 27, 2014. And when I arrived at Taco Bell at 11:01 am I was promptly turn sent packing for being one minute past the breakfast deadline. Somewhat deterred, I returned a week later, but this time before the clock could run out on me.

I began my order with a Waffle Taco with Sausage. Aesthetically speaking, I just liked the way the sausage fit in the waffle better than the bacon in their promo images. I contemplated why they didn’t just call it a Waco, but then thought the Branch Davidians might be a big demographic that Taco Bell wouldn’t want to lose. As for the Waffle Taco, I must say I was a fan of the innovative nature of the thing: waffle, sausage, egg and cheese with a syrup option. And all except for the waffle itself were well-executed. You see, I like greasy food, but this waffle was a greaser that left me wiping my hands after every bite. The beauty of Taco Bell is that despite what is inside, the outside of each item at worst leaves you with a Doritos dusting on your fingers. Nonetheless, I little tweak could make this worth returning to.

The best part of waking up?
The best part of waking up?

The big winner, though, is the A.M. Crunchwrap, which I ordered with bacon instead of the sausage or steak options. I had managed to taste this last time I was in California purely by mistake, and I can happily report that the nationwide version is incredible. Scrapping the crunchy corn shell in the middle for a crunchy hash brown, the A.M. Crunchwrap is also stuffed with cheese, egg and the aforementioned bacon. With a little Fire Sauce added by me, the A.M. Crunchwrap is easily the best fast food breakfast I’ve ever had.

Plus, while I didn’t take advantage of it this time, the entire regular menu is available for breakfast hours as well. It’s a great leap forward for Taco Bell, but an even greater leap forward for breakfast. And even better? Not one item has vegetables.