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The mysterious breakfast of McDonald's
The mysterious breakfast of McDonald’s

As I developed through my adolescence, McDonald’s made a descent to the bottom of my fast food choices. I can offer no clear reasoning for this except that their food just rubs my tastebuds the wrong way. In fact, I am sometimes proud to say that the only time I eat McDonald’s is outside the country. This statement, however, has a minor disclaimer. And that disclaimer is the McDonald’s breakfast.

McDonald’s breakfast has always been something of a mystery. Few people, if any, know when they stop serving it. Sometimes I wonder if even the employees of McDonald’s have a set time that they know when to cut breakfast off. The breakfast is so rare that when you do see one, you almost feel forced to partake in it, whether you’re hungry or not.

So, despite my better judgment, somewhere between LA and San Francisco, I went to McDonald’s to eat their famed breakfast. I ordered a Bacon, Egg and Cheese McMuffin, Hot Cakes (pancakes) and Hash Browns. This was more of a break-feast than a mere breakfast, and I started to eat away at it. Perhaps it was the rarity of the meal that made it taste so good, but I could honestly say I was happy to be eating McDonald’s.

Soon after, as my stomach began to digest, my opinion did a 180. A friend of mine once told me that eating fast food is like a one-night stand. It seems like a great idea while you’re doing it, but no sooner than it’s over, you feel uncomfortable. This was completely how I felt after the McDonald’s and was unfortunate enough to a have a three-hour car ride to suffer through during my painful digestive process.