The Unvegan

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Corn is nothing more than an indigestible grain.
Corn is nothing more than an indigestible grain.

In the past few years, Chipotle has burst onto the Mexican fast food scene. The layout of the restaurant and apparent freshness has quickly made even the most healthy forget that it was created once owned by McDonald’s.

Luckily, the unvegan in me has not forgotten this and I embrace the unhealthiness of Chipotle with the voracity of a reckless child with the metabolism of a horse.

Last time I had Chipotle, I went to one in Culver City and ordered their signature meal, the burrito. One of the beauties of Chipotle is their assembly line style of burrito-making. They have certainly come a long way since Henry Ford. The great thing about the assembly line is that I can watch each step and stop the burrito-maker before they make any huge mistakes such as grabbing a stray chunk of onion that somehow made its way into the pile of cheese. Fortunately, no such problems would arise on this trip. I got my burrito with steak and walked along the line choosing both pinto and black beans, rice, cheese and finally both hot salsa and corn salsa. Just in case you’re worried, corn is not considered a vegetable, rather it is an indigestible grain. You can tell how indigestible it is by…well…I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

My burrito was delicious, especially with some Tabasco sauce. It was a great combination of all the ingredients I asked for without too much or too little of anything. I have a friend who goes to Chipotle nearly every day and although I can’t understand that, I can certainly see why someone would choose to go every few weeks for a nice, reliable burrito.