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Hide Sushi

Check out those pieces with just fish. Yeah. Those are mine.
Check out those pieces with just fish. Yeah. Those are mine.

As a warning, I am not one of those people who gets crazy cravings for sushi or thinks of sushi as some amazing dish that has to be eaten weekly. In fact, I am still waiting for the “sushi fad” to fade away like Pogs, skateboarding and the pet rock did years ago.

Despite this, I found myself in need of an afternoon snack in that crazy Japanese strip of West LA. My friend recommended Hide Sushi, and I complied. My unvegan diet doesn’t leave too much room for sushi, especially if you consider seaweed a vegetable, so I avoided the rolls and ordered the basic yellowtail over rice from the menu.

Sushi doesn’t take too long to make, so I didn’t have to wait too long to fill my mid-afternoon void. I filled my little bowl with soy sauce and a healthy dose of wasabi before dipping my sushi in.  I topped my yellowtail with a big chunk of ginger and began to eat. The yellowtail had a great texture and went down very smooth. It even had a pretty good flavor.

The only downside to my little snack was the price. I paid $4.20 for two pieces of yellowtail, which was enough to satisfy me until dinner, but had I been truly meal-hungry I could have easily run up quite a tab.