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Rolling hard.
Rolling hard.

Apparently in the two years that I went missing from LA, two things that had not been popular before got, well, popular. One is avocado toast, so whatever. The other is lobster rolls, which is somewhat strange considering lobster comes from the other coast, yet not because people like pricey stuff out here. One of these lobster roll spots is Knuckle and Claw in Silverlake.

Because just lobster in a roll is not enough for me, I ordered the most expensive grilled cheese I’ve ever seen in my life. Here it was called the Knuckle Sandwich, and was made with cheddar, 1/4 pound of Maine lobster and sourdough bread. My wife got the full lobster roll, which is that other thing in the picture and also the reason for that disgusting pickle.

Alas, my Knuckle Sandwich was damn good. The lobster really was fresh, which is incredibly difficult to do considering it is more than 3,000 miles to Maine. The cheddar was necessary, because as good as lobster is, it always needs to be covered in some sort of dairy product to bring out its best. At $20, it was something I was very happy to have eaten, but also a luxury I can wait to eat again until I make it to Maine, where I hear they are practically giving away lobsta.