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Just so many veggies.
Just so many veggies.

While “riad” may be a common word for “hotel” in Morocco, due to the French influence in the country, “auberge” comes up pretty often as well. So when we stayed right next to the Sahara in Merzouga our hotel was called Auberge Les Roches. Auberge Le Sable would probably have been a more appropriate name, but whatevsies. As with a couple other stops, our hotel was also our restaurant for the night and that could only mean one thing: tajine.

The tajine served at Auberge Les Roches was a variation of one I’d seen many times before, but never ordered by me. That’s because it was filled with about 7 or so different vegetables. Fortunately, buried beneath those that would ruin my meal was a bunch of chicken. And the chicken was fine, but it was really probably the least delicious of any I had eaten yet. It probably has something to do with a lack of awesome citrus flavors, but whatever the reason I will recommend Auberge Les Roches for the rooms and the view much more than the food.