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Put some curry in my crepe.

After a couple of days in Michigan, it was off to Chicago for a wedding, but I wasn’t going to let the wedding get in the way of my feeding. My sister, a Chicagoan for the past few years, recommended we head to La Creperie, so to La Creperie we went. Having been to La Creperie a few times in the past, I was pretty excited to grab some lunch there. The place has a great outdoor courtyard that is perfect for those Chicago summers. If only they could last for more than 3 months.

We took a stroll through the place and grabbed some seats at the courtyard. Then we took a look at the menu. La Creperie has a nice selection of savory and sweet crepes, but I was having a tough time deciding which direction to go in. It turned out I had plenty of time to think, because after taking our seats, the waitress seemed to disappear. During this time, my girlfriend came to the rescue and offered to split some sweet and savory with me. We decided to go with the Poulet au Curry crepe for the savory end, which is fancy French-speak for chicken breast, with curry cream and mango chutney. As for the sweetness, we went with a tried and true favorite, Nutella and banana.

The story inside the curry.

There was another long break between ordering and getting our food, but when it came, it looked pretty delicious. I started into the savory first and found myself in the middle of a delicious clash of cultures. I hadn’t imagined France and India could work so well together, but the nicely seasoned curry and paper-thin crepe were a match made in…Chicago. Bet you thought I was gonna say heaven there.

You creping me out.

And the desserty crepe made for a great follow-up to the curry chicken. Once again, the crepe was nice and thin, but the innards were quite different. In general I’m not much of a chocolate man and have a hard time understanding the infatuation some people have with it, but when it gets combined with hazelnut and becomes Nutella, it simply becomes awesome. And of course the best medium to eat the Nutella is a crepe. While these two alone go great together, it’s nice to throw it some fruit as well, like bananas. Combined, they make for one powerful crepe, and La Creperie did a great job of executing this.

I want to be inside you.

Then, after eating, it was time to wait again. After chatting with a busboy and another waitress, we finally got our own to come back and take our money. It’s a shame the service was so bad, because the food was quite good. Fortunately for La Creperie, I had been there a few times before and felt like this was an isolated incident, but it was still bad enough to keep me from feeling fully content with experience.