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The First Pizza Factory

Best sukkah ever.

While there may be 120 Pizza Factories in five different states, the original Pizza Factory has humble roots in the town of Oakhurst, just outside of Yosemite National Park. And after a long day of staring at and walking through giant sequoias, very little sounds better than some greasy pizza. I hoped Pizza Factory would be able to deliver said pizza. Plus, with a tagline like “We Toss ’em, They’re Awesome” it’s hard to go wrong.

We ordered a large to split with 3 people (one of whom swore to only eat one because she was eating a dastardly salad as well) and got pepperoni as our topping. Then we took a seat out side in their sukkah to wait for our pizza to be ready.

Look at those stacks of pep.

When ready, the beautiful pizza looked almost too good to eat. Almost. Dripping with grease and topped with loads of pepperoni, I pulled off a slice. And what I found was delicious. Purely delicious. The crust was the perfect thickness and had the best texture for a round pizza like this, and did I mention the loads of pepperoni? Loads! So much so that my dad was pulling them off because he couldn’t handle them. I had no trouble handling them, though. The only problem, and it pains me to say this, was that there actually was too much grease. I don’t mind a ton of grease on my pizza, but when there is so much that it fills the whole pan with oil and makes the bottom of the crust soggy, it’s a problem. Not because of the grease, but because nobody wants a soggy pizza.

So for the first couple slices the pizza was grand, but as the grease began to pool and soak in the pizza began to deteriorate. It didn’t ruin the experience, but certainly didn’t help.