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It's like half of my pizza is dead.
It’s like half of my pizza is dead.

Village Pizzeria in Hollywood is LA’s version of New York pizza. Located on Larchmont Street, it isn’t really a Hollywood-style place at all, which is pretty comforting to someone like me who doesn’t work in the entertainment industry. To test the place out, I went with a friend of mine.

Since we were unable to compromise on a pizza that we both liked, we decided to go halfsies. I got my half in the pepperoni style, while she agreed to the pepperonis, but also ordered a disturbing fungus called mushrooms. Unnecessarily worried, I also ordered some garlic rolls in the expectation that the pizza wouldn’t be enough food for me.

After about 20 minutes, our pizza was prepared. This thing was massive and I definitely didn’t need the garlic rolls. When I looked at the pizza, I felt as though there was a small-scale war unraveling on the cheese as the mushrooms were attempting to take over the pie. Luckily, I wouldn’t let this happen. I scanned the pizza for any straggler mushrooms, which are always a danger when a pizza gets multiple toppings. There were none, good for Village Pizzeria.

I started eating my giant pepperoni slices. The dough wasn’t anything amazing, but I did love the New York style of it. Maybe it really is just something in the water in New York. I was disappointed by was the relative scarcity of pepperoni on the pizza. Perhaps I wouldn’t have noticed this if there weren’t mushrooms, but the side with the mushrooms almost revealed no cheese, while my side seemed like a cheese pizza with a dash of pepperoni. The garlic rolls were actually quite dry, but powerful in garlic taste.

Eventually I finished the majority of my pizza and my garlic knots and was plenty full. I would have preferred some more pepperoni in my stomach, but at least the pizza was huge and not overly expensive.