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Need some scale.
Need some scale.

In need of a quick bite, wandering the streets of East Liberty and craving pizza, Pizza Sola appeared ahead like a shiny beacon of hope. The place is pretty big, but seems to cater more to the pizza-by-the-slice crowd than to the dine-in types. I was somewhat torn, but then when I saw just how big the slices were I felt fine with just grabbing a couple.

I went with two pepperoni and the size of these put Sbarro to shame. The combination of the two slices was essentially as big as a medium pizza. But it wasn’t just about side, they were also pretty delicious. The dough was pretty thin and the toppings stretched almost all the way to the edge of the pie, making it somewhat hard to eat, but awesome in terms of topping volume. The sauce, cheese and pepperoni themselves were also pretty good and tasted somewhat better than your average New York Pizza place.

As good as Pizza Sola was, I must say I’m somewhat concerned about their location. East Liberty isn’t exactly known for people wandering around late at night in search of food, which seems to be the kind of crowd Pizza Sola caters to. Nonetheless, I know I wouldn’t mind finding myself there again.