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What are you hiding?
What are you hiding?

Every now and again a restaurant comes along and changes everything, It gives you something you never knew existed or something you knew existed, but just hadn’t found yet. The new taco truck at Carnegie Mellon creatively calling itself Camion Mexicana Universidad that just opened a couple of weeks ago is not one of those places. But for myself and a couple of guys from California, it was greeted with immediate excitement.

We all ordered a steak burrito, each customizing it to fit their needs. I got mine without sour cream or lettuce, but with the steak, two types of salsa (corn and normal), beans, rice and cheese. And when it was ready and wrapped in foil it was impressive in size. Unfortunately, that was where any positive impression ended.

Not much good.
Not much good.

As I bit in, I found myself mouth-to-burrito with a slew of tomatoes. This could be overcome with a lot of hard work, but the rest of the burrito didn’t really improve matters. The steak itself was a sickly grayish color with little flavor and even if there was a lot of flavor, it was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of rice inside.

I truly wish the place the best of luck, because perhaps people without a taste for good Mexican food could be satisfied by the taco truck. Or, perhaps they will some day read this post and know that changes can be made. After all, it is not so crazy for a spot to make adjustments to fit the needs of customers, especially so early on.