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Upping the Scale at Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Winged out.
Winged out.

After many days abroad, one might think I wouldn’t jump right into another ethnic meal after returning to the USA. Well, you’re right, because my first stop was Taco Bell, but after that set my stomach straight it was time for a meal at Nicky’s Thai Kitchen in Downtown Pittsburgh. Nicky’s sits on the fancy end of the Thai spectrum, which is usually something I try to avoid because cheap Thai is awesome, yet I was willing to give Nicky’s a try.

I started out by splitting some Thai Chicken Wings with a buddy and they were actually really awesome. The sauce had just the right amount of kick (well, at least for a white guy) and the seasoning was delicious. Moreover, the wings themselves were pretty meaty.

You pay for the copper.
You pay for the copper.

As for my main course, I went with the Massaman Curry with chicken. It also came with potatoes, peanuts, and a mix of peanut butter and coconut milk with the curry paste. I ordered it at spice level 5 (out of 10), knowing that I could always add more if necessary. When it arrived, I was disappointed to find the curry littered with peppers and onions, but at least it wasn’t difficult to eat around these. As for the spice level, I found it to be pretty close to perfect. It was also the kind of spiciness that builds, so unlike my friends that added extra flakes after their first bite, I waited mine out and was rewarded with edible food. The curry itself was fine, but nothing really special.

So, along with pretty much any upscale Thai place I’ve ever been to, Nicky’s Thai Kitchen fell victim to simply not offering more that I could get at a less upscale spot. There was nothing bad about it, but just not enough good to justify the fancy pants-ness of the joint. Except maybe those wings.