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Piggy riblets would also be a good name.
Piggy riblets would also be a good name.

Noodlehead is a funny name for a restaurant. But then, Deadhead is a weird name for people who follow a band called the Grateful Dead. I know you’re thinking apples and oranges, but hey, if you like noodles, why not be a Noodlehead? In this case, though, the noodles are limited to the Thai variety, but Noodlehead has plenty to offer.

Good thing I was sharing.
Good thing I was sharing.

Over the course of a couple visits to Noodlehead, I have found some pretty delicious things on their menu. For example, even before getting into the noodles, Noodlehead’s “Snacks” include Pork Belly Steamed Buns and something called Sweet and Spicy Pig Wings. The pork belly buns are served with a bit of sauce and thinly-sliced cucumber/pickle monsters. I put up with the pickles since I was eating with other, but just beware when ordering and know that they are much better without.

The pig wings are an interesting little dish, playing off of buffalo wings and served up to look like little drumsticks. But instead of chicken, these are piggy riblets with Thai barbecue sauce and freaking awesome. You know, except for the weird pickle cucumber things that accompany them on the plate. Fortunately, they don’t come into contact with each other.

Don't let these noodles go to your head.
Don’t let these noodles go to your head.

For the main courses, Noodlehead serves up all of its noodle dishes for a flat rate of 9 bucks. There’s a good variety, but so far my favorite is their Chiang Mai Curry, which is egg noodles, chicken, pickled mustard greens and crispy shallots in a yellow curry coconut milk sauce. As you’d expect, I order without the greens for a pure meal. As with any good spicy restaurant, you are given a spice level and this one ranged from 1-5, with 5 being crazy hot and 4 being “Thai Hot.” As a whitey, so far I haven’t gone beyond level 3, which has a great balance of heat and flavor, but next time I think I’ll see if I can brave the Thai heat.

Noodlehead is a good, safe bet for Thai food with unique options for anyone to enjoy. Just don’t tell the people who work there, you don’t want it going to their head.