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Just what I needed.
Just what I needed.

Pittsburgh isn’t exactly known for having a wide breadth of ethnic food. Nonetheless, the place continues to surprise in terms of variety. Take, for example, the Smiling Banana Leaf in Highland Park. In case you couldn’t tell by the name, the place is Thai and has a surprisingly interesting menu. I say surprising because while it’s relatively sizable like many Thai spots, some things I had never seen before.

Take, for example, their Curry Noodles section. This was literally curries that normally come with side of rice that came with noodles in the bowl instead. I knew I had to have one, but the curry I wanted didn’t appear to be available. Fortunately, when I asked if the Massaman Curry could come noodle-style Smiling Banana Leaf obliged. I ordered it at a heat level of 7 out of 10 because the waiter told me it wouldn’t be too bad.

He was right, it was perfect. Well at least in terms of heat. I wasn’t too happy to see peas and carrots where there should have only been potatoes, but I was very happy with everything else about the meal. The noodles were a refreshing change and the curry was perfectly flavorful. I’d go back in a second, and I know I could go back a few more times before running out of great things to eat.