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The elusive orange curry.
The elusive orange curry.

It’s always important to have a solid Thai place nearby for when a) you want something delivered that is lighter than pizza, b) you have friends with dietary restrictions and c) you need some flavor in your life. Fortunately, I have Chao Doi nearby in Pasadena, which, after eating in the delivery style a number of times, I finally decided to dine in.

While I’ve enjoyed the BBQ chicken and yellow curry in the past, I decided to go with Panang Curry on this visit, and ordered it with chicken. Unlike many Thai places, there was no spice level option, so I just went with the baseline.

Panang, doiiiii!
Panang, doiiiii!

The result was quite tasty. The curry had a slight kick to it, but nothing too noticeable if you like spicy food. As usual, there were some veggies in the curry, but they didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of meat and curry too much.

In all, Chao Doi serves up some solid Thai food. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the place, but it is reliable and has enough variety to keep me coming back (or ordering delivery).