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Maybe you can tell me what this is.
Maybe you can tell me what this is.

With a school like Carnegie Mellon around, you would expect Pittsburgh to have some good Indian food. It’s not racist, it’s just common sense. Yet, it took me until recently, when a white guy invited me to All India (I apologize in advance for the music that autoplays on this site) to see what kind of Indian the city could muster. And what a mustering it was “” with a menu as long as a case study, I had a hard time deciding what to order, but fortunately I was with a large group and I was going to get to try a lot of things.

Somewhere in here is a korma.
Somewhere in here is a korma.

Yet, aside from what I ordered, I would have a hard time saying what it is anyone else ordered. For me, I went with the Chicken Korma, which is boneless chicken pieces cooked with nuts and a gravy-like sauce. All India offers a 1-10 scale of spiciness. The waiter told me that a 3 was pretty mild, so I went with a 5 instead. Both the korma and the spice level turned out to be the right choices.

After dabbling in all the dishes that legitimately seemed to represent all of India, I was a satisfied man. Not one was bad, and some of them were even really good, but in my opinion the korma was the best. I think the spice level had a lot to do with it, and also the fact that korma is delicious was helpful.

The only downside was the portion sizes. Had we not had a big group and a lot of things to order, I might have been a bit disappointed and hungry. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and I will be sure to make my way back to All India for all my Indian food needs.