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Something good inside?
Something good inside?

What’s in a name? Apparently for The El Felix in Alpharetta, Georgia it’s redundancy. While I cannot explain why it’s The El Felix and not simply El Felix, I can say that this nuevo¬†Mexican restaurant seems to be made for unvegans like me. I had a tough time picking from all the great-looking meaty options, but when the waiter made a strong sell for the Tacos Al Pastor.

But these weren’t like the al pastor that I am used to in LA. Instead, these were made from crisp, slowly cooked pork belly and pineapple. They were pretty¬†good, with some nice fatty flavor and solid caramelization, but the big winner here was the tortillas. These were made in-house and had just the right thickness and chewiness that one could ask for in a tortilla. Plus, they had spent just enough time on the griddle to get some brown crispiness to them.

The pork belly was good, even if a little oversold by the waiter, but the tortillas were really what made this meal. Next time the waiter may want to sell on those, but I can’t complain.