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Strange Meats: Camel

Whatcha gonna do with all that hump?
Whatcha gonna do with all that hump?

After taking a camel ride in the Sahara, it almost seems wrong to have sought out camel meat in Marrakesh. Yet, that’s exactly what I did because I’m a man of the people and my people are unvegans. I found what looked to be a camel hump in a stall in the Medina and knew I had come to the right place. For those that are wondering, yes that is a hump in the picture and no, the humps are not filled with water. In fact, they are mostly fat.

Still better than a veggie platter.
Still better than a veggie platter.

Yet, when I ordered a plate of camel (dromedary to be specific), it wasn’t the hump that was served. Instead, the guy pulled a random smattering of camel parts from a strange vat in the middle of the tent. I couldn’t quite place what kind of meat was which, but it was certainly almost the least-appetizing meat I had ever seen on a plate (which of course still makes it more appetizing than a salad). Some bits seemed to be tongue, other bits seemed like brain. Yet, there was some that looked just like a nice pot roast. In fact, those parts even tasted like some delicious slow-cooked beef.

It was all eaten with some bread (for buffer) and each “cut” tasted much better than it looked. This is not to say I would make it a regular part of my diet, but that’s only because camels provide much more utility in carrying people and things than they do as a food source.