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Tasting the Coast at Legal Sea Foods

Just cant get away from the veggies.
Just cant get away from the veggies.

After hearing so much about seafood in Boston, we finally got the chance to test it out with a visit to Legal Sea Foods. We were told it was a “very Boston” thing to do, and that was really all we had to hear.

When we arrived and saw that there are Legal Sea Foods restaurants located all over the East Coast, we a were a little disappointed. I guess it wasn’t simply a Boston thing. Still, I could not penalize the restaurant for someone else leading me on.

Making My Way in the World at the Cheers Bar

Where nobody knew my name...
Where nobody knew my name…

One of the most important places for my seemingly elderly girlfriend to visit while we were in Boston was the Cheers Bar, which is exactly what it sounds like; the bar that the TV show Cheers was based on. Never mind the fact that she wasn’t yet born when the show began, it has remained one of her favorite shows.

Upon entering, the bar looks exactly like it did in the show, except it wasn’t filled the characters we know and love. The menu wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, although I didn’t expect it to be.