The Unvegan

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Getting Physical


Sometimes I wonder if people truly understand how amazing life is as an unvegan. They think, “Eating meat and not vegetables is awesome, but it will destroy my health.” And they are wrong, for if you give that picture to the left a little click, you will see that my physical from May 18, 2011 resulted in normalcy. This may be all good and well in the medical world, but I wanted more.

Like why are the only options low, normal and elevated? Where is level awesome? Or level “your blood rocks my world”? Or the all-powerful “It’s 2011, why haven’t you contracted HIV yet?” level. It’s a sad world when your options are limited to low, normal and elevated, but an amazing world when a full-fledged unvegan like myself winds up with the most incredibly normal physical results.

So save your body, go unvegan.