Un Poquito Mas, Por Favor

April 8th, 2010 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit Comment

Yes, please.

Near my office in North Hollywood is a Mexican taco stand called Un Poquito Mas, which means “a little more” in Spanish. To call it a taco stand is a little misleading, since it’s a bit bigger than a stand, yet hasn’t outgrown itself. I went in without knowing much about the place, other than the fact that they had Mexican food. A glance at the menu above the counter showed me some pretty basic, but decent-sounding items. I didn’t think tacos could feed my appetite, so I decided to get one of their steak burritos.

This thing had rice, guacamole, beans and a salsa. Having learned from experience, I asked what kind of salsa would be in it and the woman told me it was pico de gallo. Terrible. But at least I knew now rather than after ordering. So I ordered it without that and figured I could make up for it with the wide variety of salsas in their little salsa bar.

I loaded up on salsa and then waited for my burrito. When it was done, the woman stuffed a load of chips in my bag and sent me on my way. I opened the thing up and saw the burrito was a pretty nice size. Not as huge as Chipotle, but certainly not small. The burrito was nice and stuffed with steak and they didn’t hold back on the guac either. It was nice that the thing wasn’t mostly filler like other burritos can be. The steak was slightly chewy, but good, and overall this was a damn good burrito. It was also nice that the thing came with chips, considering a single burrito is rarely enough to fill an unvegan.

This was definitely a good choice, and I will keep Un Poquito Mas in mind next time I want a little more Mexican food.

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