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Originally started in Los Angeles, is a food blog based in Pittsburgh and dedicated to eating food in its purest form, without vegetables. It was born out of the realization that I, The Unvegan, have an incredible diet that people may be interested in reading about. Most often, the blog involves me eating a lot of meat at restaurants and reviewing them. When I’m not reviewing restaurants, I write articles about strange meats, the various benefits of not eating vegetables, and notable people who have done great things to further the use of meat. If you like a big steak, a delicious hamburger or juicy chicken, then this is the blog for you. Or, maybe you’re just sadistic and want to witness the slow destruction of a man’s digestive system (sorry, it ain’t happening).

The blog has been increasing in time with customers and viewers interested in the topic, so it has pushed us to make more promotions and marketing strategies to update and make more reachable the information to all of the viewers. We have been working with the best website designs to achieve the goal of our personality and we are working on new graphic information of a new campaigns like the one in the picture below, which is for the Ethical Eatment of Animals fully supports the use of propaganda to expand its unvegan ideals.



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