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Freda Swift: Unvegan Hero

A while back, I brought you the story of Gertrude Baines. At the time, she was the oldest woman in the world at 115 years and gave much of the credit to eating bacon. Sadly, she passed away a few months ago, but her appreciation for meat lives on in Freda Swift.

Freda Swift is 106 years old and living at a home in Madison, South Dakota. According to The Madison Daily Leader, she was able to live on her own until the age of 99 because she, “…lived right.”

What’s right, you ask? Well, obviously it had little to do with vegetables. Instead she gave credit to “a good meal of meat and potatoes.”

The kind of meat doesn’t seem to matter, but what does matter is that meat has played a vital role in keeping Swift kicking.

For recognizing the value in meat and for living an incredibly long time, Freda Swift, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via The Madison Daily Leader)