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Jim Motavalli: Unvegan Villain

In a recent blog entry Jim Motavalli calls eating meat “the slavery of our time.” He says that in the near future, we will all realize how terrible it is to eat meat and will look back upon the days when we ate meat in disgust.

Upon reading his argument, I have to admit he has produced some decent information to back up his, claims, but he seems to forget a whole lot. Upon first reading about it, I thought about how slavery is really a terrible comparison, considering that slavery was a human invention and eating meat is a trait found in nearly every animal group.

Furthermore, I read a nice response to Motavalli’s article, written by Kevin Slaten. In it, Slaten talks about the many advantages to eating meat and how crazy Motavalli is. Both articles are really worth a read.

In the end, the advantages of meat for outweigh the hocus pocus supposed bad results. Another article I found, talks about how meats can be even more advantageous than previously thought. Check that out here.

So, for creating an unnecessary scare and not fully researching the benefits of meat, shame on you Jim Montavalli, enemy of unvegans everywhere.