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Geniuses? (Geniui?)
Geniuses? (Geniui?)

In every generation, there is an idea that changes the world. Finally, the change for our generation has arrived: Bacon Salt.

Justin and Dave are the geniuses behind this magnificent invention. Not content to eat foods that don’t taste like bacon, they developed a seasoning to make everything taste like it. Not only that, but they added multiple flavors, like hickory, applewood and more!

The kicker?

It’s kosher. Kosher bacon? My lord, the world is an amazing place.

The real kicker?

It’s vegetarian. Even those poor, deprived vegetarians now have a chance to experience the raw power of bacon. If they can make broccoli taste like bacon, there’s even a chance I might eat it.

They’ve even created a frightening spread called Baconnaise. Yet, I have to ask a question. Why stop at bacon? Can we get some other meat-flavored salts? Lamb chop Salt? Steak Salt? With so many opportunities for growth, these guys could really make a difference.

For creating a Kosher, vegetarian way for people to enjoy the glorious taste of that wondermeat, bacon, Justin and Dave, you are true Unvegan Heroes!