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Vital Statistics for the Unvegan Enemy
Vital Statistics for the Unvegan Enemy

I hope you all appreciated my little April Fool’s joke yesterday. Never fear, I’m still around and just as unvegan as ever.

Today I would like to call attention to Jennifer McCann, my first Unvegan Enemy. In response to the incredible…nay, fantastic website,, McCann has founded the absurd, yet painfully popular, I mean, come on, she couldn’t even pay GoDaddy ten bucks to register her own domain name? She obviously has no qualms with loading the page with ads and hawking her book…

That aside, it is the very essence of the blog that sends shivers down my spine. The subtitle reads, “Inspiring images of the things that make and keep us healthy.” Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong to be healthy. Being healthy is a great thing, but a quick look at the pictures on the site showed me no signs of anything meaty. Does she think vegetables are the only thing that can make people thin and healthy? I don’t eat vegetables and I am thin…ish. Well at least I have a comfortable BMI. And truth be told, I would rather not look as emaciated and malnourished as I find many vegans to look.

I think McCann is forgetting the important health benefits of eating meat and other unvegan staples, ie. iron, phosphorous and protein. The list could go on and on, and let’s not forget about all the taste benefits. Meat may not have all sorts of pretty colors and look as good in pictures as vegetables do, but let us not lose sight of the reason food exists…for eating. Not for photographing.

For downplaying the value of meats, assuming all thin people are vegans and forgetting the real reason we eat food, Jennifer McCann, you are a most unlikeable Unvegan Enemy.