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Steak + Mjolnir = Stjolnir

As if there is any question about the manliness of Vikings, your favorite unvegan has uncovered one more reason why the Vikings just might be the coolest society of the past. Think of the word “steak.” The very word makes my mouth water. But if it weren’t for the Vikings, steak as we know it just wouldn’t exist.

The word itself comes from the Old Norse, steik, meaning roast. Now the term has come to mean a whole lot more, but it’s pretty easy to picture a Viking impaling a cow, burning down a British village, roasting that cow over the smoldering ashes of the once-proud village and thinking, “Damn, ‘steik’ sounds like a great word for what I just did.”

Just knowing they invented steak makes it a lot easier to accept that Leif Ericson beat out Columbus in discovering America by about half a millennium. Or to recognize that they conquered England and much of Europe. Or that their god, Thor, lasted long enough to join the Avengers. Lo, it seems nearly anything is possible with the power of steak.

So for being one of the most awesome societies of the past and delivering steak unto a hungry world, Vikings, you are true Unvegan Heroes!