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Ticks: Unvegan Villains

Don’t let this near your skin. Or meat.

No one has ever really liked ticks. Besides draining you of your blood, being a dead giveaway that you are nervous and a downright pain in the ass, they have also been known to carry Lyme Disease (which, despite the sound of its name is not a tasty fruit).

But now we have even more of a reason to hate ticks. Somehow ticks managed to pick up an allergy to meat that can be potentially deadly. It’s pretty rare, but if they bite you, you could get the allergy for life. Apparently the allergy doesn’t affect the consumption of chicken or turkey, but the loss of red meat and the other white meat is enough to make ticks a major unvegan enemy. It’s called Alpha-Gal, and is far more serious than the girlie name implies.

For more info, check out the video below: