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Eating Lion

Eat me.
Eat me.

Usually the food we eat is relegated to the herbivore variety. There is simply something appetizing about eating animals that eat plants, as opposed to those that eat other animals. This probably came from the fact that herbivores were more plentiful and easier to catch, but a restaurant in Tampa, Florida has other ideas.

Namely, they are now serving lion tacos. Yes, the King of the Jungle. Simba. Lions. We truly are at the top of the food chain.

Taco Fusion is the name of the restaurant and the lion is part of their attempt to introduce people to exotic meats. They come from approved sources, but one might think it would be easier to add crocodile or manatee to the menu than lion.

Whether a gimmick or not, the lion tacos are surely getting Taco Fusion into the news.

As far as I’m concerned, Taco Fusion should be able to serve whatever meat it likes, as long as it doesn’t hurt an ecosystem. What do you think?

(via NBC News)