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The Winner is…Beefalo

I’ve created a monster!

In a world riddled with far too few edible creatures, sometimes we humans can’t wait around for evolution to produce the next level of meat and take the matter into our own hands. Enter: the Beefalo.

This hybrid bovine delight is a cross between cattle and American bison, and has been bred for meaty delights since way back in the 1800s. I could go on and on about the history of this breed, but that is what Wikipedia is for.

What really matters is that it is delicious. At least according to the American Royal Steak Competition in Kansas city. There, the beefalo steak from Merril Cattle Co./Beefalo Meats won the prize for the best steak in the grass-fed category, beating out purveyors of the obviously boring regular beef.

Now, more than ever, I realize I need to try some beefalo. Any insights on where I might find some? Have you tried it yourself? Let me know!

(via The Yakima Herald)