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According to studies from Australia, red meat is a great way to increase sex drive. Could it be the new Viagra?

The study compared butchers who eat a lot of red meat to average non-butcher people and the results reflect well upon red meat eaters.

Here are the best findings of the report:

Butchers report eating red meat more often than the average person, consuming 3.4 serves a week. Butchers are:

  • Having more sex: Butchers report having sex 60pc more than the rest of us, averaging over 100 sexual encounters a year, while the national average is fewer than 70.
  • More energetic: More than half of all butchers report they wake up feeling energetic, compared to just a quarter of the rest of us.
  • Healthier: Over 50pc of butchers have had no time off sick in the past year compared to only 18pc of Australians. For those who did fall ill, they took an average of 1.1 days sick leave a year compared with 3.2 days for the rest of the population.
  • Laughing more: Butchers appear to have the last laugh with three out of five saying they have a fun work environment. Fewer than one in four Aussies describe their workplace as “good fun.”

That’s enough to convince me to go out and get a steak, with a side of libido.

(via The Border Watch)