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Everyone knows about wine pairings. It is a mostly pretentious way for restaurants to sell their expensive wines in conjunction with their dishes. Even for those who avoid those pairings, any good eater or drinker knows to match red wine with red meats and white wine with white meats and fish. But enough about wine, where has beer ended up in this alcoholic conversation? Fusion Brewing in Australia has tried to answer this question with a beer made specifically for drinking with red meat.

Named Prime Beer, this beverage quickly elicits thoughts of a delicious prime beef. According to their website, “Other beer products claim to go well with meat however none were created from the start specifically for this purpose.”

Unfortunately, living outside of Australia has precluded me from tasting this beer, but I’m sure it is pretty awesome. Not only is it supposed to be good with beef, but they claim it will go well with kangaroo! A beer good enough for kangaroo is a beer good enough for me. After all, just about anything inspired by meat is sure to be amazing.