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‘Red Meat’

Cheers to Beer for Beef!

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Everyone knows about wine pairings. It is a mostly pretentious way for restaurants to sell their expensive wines in conjunction with their dishes. Even for those who avoid those pairings, any good eater or drinker knows to match red wine with red meats and white wine with white meats and fish. But enough about wine, where has beer ended up in this alcoholic conversation? Fusion Brewing in Australia has tried to answer this question with a beer made specifically for drinking with red meat.


unvegan ironworkzI really have no idea where this video came from, although I do believe there is a British accent involved. Nonetheless, this awesome video features a faux band called IronWorkz and this band helps tell the tale of why red meat is so important to the diet. It’s refreshing to see an entertaining ad like this in a world flooded with tasteless and really unfunny PETA ads. Check it out below, and be entertained.

Another Reason to Love Steak

The Daily Mail in the UK just released information about the affect of steaks and other red meats on male semen (as opposed to female semen, ewwww). The conclusion is that it decreases the quality of the semen and makes them slower. It actually makes it much more difficult for men to conceive. It’s funny, because the article makes this information out to be a bad thing. Well, I’m not planning on becoming a father anytime soon, which means it’s time for me to eat all the steak I can get my hands on. Talk about a natural contraceptive. This is the best news I’ve gotten since studies showed Mountain Dew decreases the sperm count.