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Have you ever wondered what the carbon footprint of your food is? No? Me neither, but apparently some people do. Fortunately, the University of New South Wales in Australia has found that red meat is quite the carbon-efficient food, bringing one more bit of great news from the world of meat-eating.

Sadly, this bit of news doesn’t apply to all red meat, as a majority of Australian meat is grown on real pastures and and all that sort of non-factory farm stuff. Yet, it is proof that meat done right can prove those pesky vegans wrong about their crazy claims about how meat harms the environment.

And carbon efficiency is only a part of it. According to the article in Queensland Country Life, “Most people were not aware that the livestock sector was the only production industry in Australia to have reduced greenhouse emissions since 1990.” That’s pretty incredible, considering how greenhouse gases remain such a hot topic (pun intended) and many people blame livestock.

So thank you to Australia for helping to prove that meat is not only incredibly delicious on my plate, but still good for the environment.

(via Queensland Country Life)