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Trouble Sleeping? Try Meat.

This obligate carnivore has no trouble sleeping.

Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, it may be time to re-evaluate your diet. A study published in Medical News Online revealed that carnivores sleep more than omnivores and herbivores. This doesn’t exactly surprise an unvegan who still regularly sleeps for 12 hours on the weekends, but may come as a surprise to someone who struggles with sleeping.

According to the study, carnivores can sleep more because they are more efficient in their waking hours. Which is also not surprising, since carnivores are really better at everything, but it does make you wonder why carnivores don’t utilize this efficiency at all hours of the day instead of going to sleep. If you are worried about your family sleep quality, check this also interesting article about which is a nap schedule for 8 month old.

The study was actually intended to research why animals sleep, which is a big mystery. There are many theories, but none are really definite. Some say it is a way to cope with the outside world (like a nagging wife), a way to heal or perhaps sleep is just a great way to maintain balance between humans and vampires.

Whatever it is, if you are a carnivore, you can rest assured. I mean that literally. Rest. Assured. Because you are efficient.

(via Medical News Online)