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Terrorists Hate Meat

No don’t harm the hot dogs!

In the aftermath of the botched terrorist attempt over Christmas, airports have beefed up security. This has made flying more inconvenient, which is fine because I would rather be inconvenienced and be safe than move fast through the lines and feel like I am in danger. When it comes to eating meat, though, this is more than just an inconvenience.

According to the Wall Street Journal, chefs routinely sneak cured meats from Europe and elsewhere into America, because for some reason they are illegal here. They are not bringing these meats in for distribution, but simply for learning materials. Kind of like the Japanese whalers who catch whales for research purposes and then eat them. These chefs attempt to duplicate the taste of these meats by legal means, but they must first sneak these meats through. Full-body scanners are making this increasingly difficult and soon we may have to eat crummy American cured meats.

When you can’t get a good salami, the terrorists have won.

(via WSJ)