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Making mediocre food look good!
Making mediocre food look good!

Somewhere in the wild blue yonder of the Great White North between Vancouver and Jasper in British Columbia is the town of Blue River. Little can be said of this town except for its potentially exciting excursions on bear safaris. There is very little food to be had and one of, if not the only restaurants in town is called Tony’s Grill. With a minimal menu that was made even smaller by either the lack of deliveries or large influx of eaters, I was able to find my way to their super cheap cheeseburger to see how Blue River did burgers.

I ordered without lettuce, tomato and onions, with fries on the side and evidenced by that picture, it looked pretty good. Sure it was about as basic as you can get, but quite often that is all you need. Unfortunately, the burger turned out to look a lot better than it tasted. It was cooked all the way through, which was fine because I was in a tiny little diner in the middle of nowhere, but the cooking had left it nearly as dry as a hockey puck. This was an issue that was much harder to handle than the burger’s general brown-ness.

The fries, however, were damn good. And I must also say that my wife had a Greek salad and loved it. So perhaps Tony’s Grill is worth a stop in the wilderness, just not for the burger.