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A Late-Night Mess at Norm’s Diner

Which part of the Mignon is this filet from?
Which part of the Mignon is this filet from?

A long night of drinking compelled me to head to Norm’s Diner in West LA. Of course, this decision wasn’t the best I’ve ever made, but my decision of what to eat at Norm’s was a far worse one.

When I walked in the door, their specialty of the night/morning was on display and even a long look at their long menu couldn’t take my mind off of it. The special was a Filet Mignon, with eggs, hash browns and pancakes. Yes, pancakes. Whoever thought of this one was clearly on something that made him happy and delirious. Best of all, it was a whopping 10 bucks.

unvegan norm's 2As I waited for my inevitable disaster, I went on a search for steak sauce, knowing that whatever came from the kitchen would need enhancement. When my food came, the filet looked as grotesque as I expected. I’m not sure what sort of genetically engineered cow the meat came from, but it looked like no filet I had ever seen. Perhaps it was from a healthy cow, just now the same part that a filet mignon typically comes from. I was glad I had steak sauce.

The meat was tough, but not terribly difficult to cut through. It was definitely a relief when I was cutting through pancakes or hash browns instead. Aside from the steak, everything else was so-so. It was all certainly enough for a late-night drunken meal, but no replacement for food I could have gotten in the normal hours of the day.