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At least it is displayed well.
At least it is displayed well.

As I was getting dragged to Greenleaf in Beverly Hills, I knew my meal that night wasn’t going to end well. You don’t call a place Greenleaf without getting a reputation for having a lot of leafy green items, also known as vegetables. Fortunately, I was told they had burgers, or else I wouldn’t have gone within 100 feet of the place (court ordered).

I arrived ready to grab a burger, only to find they were all out. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place that has actually run out of the ingredients for a burger, but a place called Greenleaf is as good of a place as any to have my first. I scoured the menu in an attempt to make sense of the plethora of vegetables and finally decided on the BBQ Chicken Sandwich. The only problem was that it came with onions, so I ordered it without. Apparently they couldn’t do this, since the BBQ Chicken ingredients were pre-mixed. I guess the “made to order” concept doesn’t apply to leafy restaurants.

My last resort was the grilled cheese, the magical sandwich that both vegetarians and unvegans can enjoy. The only trouble I have with ordering a grilled cheese is that I can easily make one at home for a fraction of the restaurant cost. I know I can make a lot of foods at home that I typically have when eating out, but none as easily as the grilled cheese.

When the sandwich was served, it was a pretty-looking little panini. I bit in, fully expecting to find something leafy in there, but I was spared. It was a completely normal grilled cheese and although it saved me from going hungry, I could have easily made my own panini grilled cheese on my George Foreman grill at home. With bacon.