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What’s the deal with this lettuce?

Well I needed something in walking distance and I wanted something good. Not knowing what I would find, I took a walk down Magnolia Boulevard and stopped at the first Mexican place I found. It was called Casita Taco al Carbon and had the look of something awesome. I took a while deciding what to order, as I often do when visiting a Mexican place for the first time. I never know what’s going to be the best, whether it be a burrito, taco or something more interesting. Since the name of the place had “taco” in it, I figured that would be a good place to start.

Good, but not too inspiring.

I found a little combo deal they had, which came with a taco, quesadilla, rice and beans. The taco came with whatever meat I wanted so I chose their taco al pastor. Al pastor is a fun little meat. It’s pork, but is heavily influenced by Middle Eastern cooking styles so it is really unique. It also came with onions, but I ordered my taco without. The quesadilla was kind of interesting as well, containing only cheese and guacamole. I love both of these, never had them all alone.

I grabbed my food to go and opened it a few minutes later in the safety of my office. I opened up and was saddened to see a small bed of lettuce lain out in one of the sections of the styrofoam. Luckily, it barely made any contact with the real food. Then I set to work on devouring my taco. This one tiny shell had been loaded way up with al pastor and with every bite I took, a shower of al pastor rained upon the rest of my food. This meat was really good and I was glad it was so plentiful. Then I dug into the quesadilla. While I liked the cheese and guacamole, it definitely felt like it was missing something. Fortunately, there was enough leftover meat from the taco, that I was able to turn a couple sections of the ‘dilla into something a bit meatier. The rice and beans were just normal, which was fine, because the real winner here was al pastor.

I’m pretty happy I stumbled into this little local taco shop. Their taco al pastor was a delight and although their quesadilla could have used some work, it was surely worth the walk.